Other governance roles

In certain scenarios, trustees may prefer not to appoint an independent trustee to their board but may still need expert support.

The board may seek short-term support as it prepares for a major transaction or to mediate when there are serious conflicts of interest. The board may also need extra guidance and best practice advice for its independent governance committees and governance advisory arrangements.

At BESTrustees, we provide trustee committees with expert external governance and decision-making advice on complex issues, such as funding negotiations and transactions. We can also contribute our experience to key decisions such as appointing new scheme advisers – and provide a neutral view.

Our 30 years of experience means we have encountered every challenge that schemes of all sizes and types face. If it’s happened to a pension, we haven’t just witnessed it, we’ve helped address it. Trust in us to provide the support and guidance your trustee board needs.


We recognise the benefit of linking a scheme secretarial service to the independent trustee, especially in sole trusteeships.

We use a specialised third-party scheme secretary provider to plug in a scheme secretary function.

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