As stewards of pension assets, BESTrustees is committed to fulfilling its fiduciary duties.

We prioritise long-term sustainability in investments, and we recognise the importance of safeguarding members’ pension benefits in the decades to come.

We emphasise responsible investment and strive for sustainable outcomes that optimise member benefits. We recognise the financial impact of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, including climate risks, on our schemes throughout their lifespan and integrate ESG considerations into investment decisions.

We encourage our professional trustees, who represent BESTrustees to our clients, to embed ESG considerations in their analysis and decision-making in line with current regulations. Investment decisions take account of ESG considerations wherever possible in a way that supports investment growth and good outcomes for members. For example, we invest in companies that have a good sustainability record, with high standards in, for example, carbon emissions and water management, and a demonstrable commitment to diversity and charitable programmes.