Miki joined BESTrustees in 2023 and is an enthusiastic and results-oriented individual with a background in financial markets, fund management, and more recently pension schemes.

Miki brings a deep knowledge of the financial markets. Her expertise was initially gained when working on the currency trading floor specialising in derivatives prior to advising on financial risk management strategies for property and private equity companies, and then as Director of an Edinburgh based fund manager investing in real estate across UK and Central Europe. She also holds the PMI Award in Pensions Trusteeship for DB and DC pension schemes.

Miki is based in North Northumberland and now has a portfolio consisting of several pension schemes including Chair of a DB scheme and co-trustee of another, with expertise in areas such as investment strategy, valuations and post buy-in schemes.  She is also a Trustee of Uppingham School (and Chair of Investment committee) and Director of a regenerative, organic farm.

Miki is a strong communicator and strategic thinker, quick to establish and maintain resilient relationships with key stakeholders and advisers and is also an active supporter of diversity and inclusion.

In her spare time, Miki enjoys relaxing with her family over long Sunday lunches and walking the dogs.