Heather McGuire joined BESTrustees in 2006 after a career in pensions management since 1978. She has been a trustee on various schemes for the past 24 years.

Heather has considerable experience in the pensions industry having started with the National Water Council in Sheffield in 1978. Her experience covers private and public sector schemes, contracted-in and out, final salary and money purchase, small and large schemes and non-associated multi-employer schemes both segregated and non-segregated (i.e. last man standing).

Heather’s pensions experience includes membership of various sub-committees including, but not limited to, investment, risk and assurance, administration, benefits and discretions, valuation, employer covenant and negotiations, legal and court directions.

Heather is an accredited professional trustee with the APPT and a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute. Away from pensions, Heather lives near the coast and has two horses and two dogs which keep her busy.