Ann Rigby has worked as an independent professional trustee for ten years, joining BESTrustees in 2013 having previously worked as a scheme actuary for over 25 years.

Ann is fully accredited as a professional trustee by the APPT and is a board director and Chair of BESTrustees Limited.

Ann represents schemes ranging in size from £5m to £800m including DB, DC and hybrid benefit structures.  She currently acts as Chair, Co-trustee and Corporate sole trustee as well as Chair of investment and governance committees with experience of working with overseas parents, sponsors in the non for profit sector and sectionalised schemes.

She has recently completed a number of bulk annuity purchases and continues to work on others, as well as leading with the implementation of investment de-risking arrangements under both traditional investment advisory models and with fiduciary managers.

Ann has successfully led two DC schemes to transition to Master Trusts working with co-trustees and sponsors to deliver better outcomes for members.

In her spare time Ann enjoys playing the guitar and dog training, helping out on the family farm and supporting her partner’s groundworks business.