Who are BESTrustees?

BESTrustees specialises in delivering independent professional pension trustee services.

Unlike other providers, we don’t offer any related services. Trusteeship is our focus. This ensures our services are tailored to the precise needs of your scheme.

Pensions trusteeship is what we do

Our portfolio of clients includes trustee, secretarial and governance appointments as co-trustee, chair of trustees and professional corporate sole trustee. We serve defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid, and master trust schemes of all sizes and complexity levels. We hold several appointments on master trusts and we are active on independent governance committees and governance advisory arrangements.

This focus, coupled with our independence, frees us from conflicts of interest and sets us apart. We are 100% owned by our employees, which makes us the only pension trustee firm that is independent and not subject to the demands of external owners. We impose no house views on our trustees and clients, and we will never attempt to cross-sell other services.

Recent research suggests that the pensions industry is concerned about consolidation among independent trustee firms. Some firms deliver governance and scheme services to schemes without appropriate checks and balances. This leads to conflicts of interest and lack of diversity in thought and opinion.

Commitment to professional excellence

Founded in 1992, BESTrustees is a leading provider of professional trusteeship to occupational pension schemes in the UK market. Our team comprises experienced individuals whose career knowledge drives positive outcomes for schemes and members. The strength of our team’s collective and individual experience means clients can have confidence in our ability to guide them through any pension-related issues.

What sets us apart

Four factors distinguish us from other professional trustee firms in our market:

  • Independence: we own our business in a way that protects us from acquisition and frees us from third-party commercial influence
  • No conflicts of interest: pensions trusteeship and secretarial is all we do; we provide no ancillary services, which protects us from conflicts of interest when appointing advisers and commissioning work
  • Our people: our experienced trustees draw on a strong knowledge base, and our firm is structured in a way that encourages peer group challenge and support
  • Direct engagement: the trustee you appoint is the trustee with whom you work, and all scheme work is handled by a qualified trustee and not passed on to junior staff.

We see no other professional trustee firms in the market with these attributes.

At BESTrustees, we are proactive and constructive and always prioritise collaboration over confrontation. The independent trustee is an integral member of a trustee board, and one whose objectivity, expertise and independence enhances discussions, leading to better decision-making.

Get in touch

At BESTrustees, our pension scheme trustees are based across the UK. Please get in touch. We’d love to discuss how we can support your pension scheme.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our head office is in the City of London and our correspondence address is: 1 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND.