Our Experience

Our professional trustee knowledge which includes expertise in niche areas such as investment, finance and legal, is built on many years of senior experience in the pensions sector.

Experienced Team

We believe that BESTrustees is unique in the breadth and depth of experience of our executives with a number of the team members having been involved in various industry associations including the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA), the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) and the Pensions Regulator. Our team approach and our internal processes for knowledge sharing means that every client has access to all our knowledge and that of our extensive industry network.

Knowledge Drives Innovation

We help our clients to develop innovative solutions to their pensions challenges. Very large pension schemes set very high standards. We use this experience to help other, smaller schemes improve their operations, in a way that is appropriate to their size and resources. Our broad range of clients combined with the experience we have gained keeps us at the forefront of developments in the pensions sector.

Areas Of Expertise

In addition to having the expertise you would expect from a leading Independent Trustee company, we have recently been involved in some more unusual engagements:

Using Contingent Assets

We have worked with some sizeable schemes in helping the sponsor make appropriate arrangements to set aside contingent assets for the pension fund. These special purpose vehicles can be quite complicated to arrange and we are highly experienced in negotiating with the sponsor and the pension fund and with ensuring The Pensions Regulator is satisfied with the arrangements put in place.

Distressed Situations

Unfortunately many corporate sponsors of UK pension funds have found themselves in distressed situations and unable to fund their pension schemes which can be very troubling for the pension fund and its members. There are typically two possible outcomes in such cases either the company goes into administration or a compromise with the Pensions Regulator and the Pension Protection Fund is agreed. At BESTrustees, we have experience of both and have guided pension funds and their sponsors through the necessary processes - obtaining advice from advisers and approval of the Pensions Regulator - to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Experience Working With Advisers

Pension trustees often lack the experience and skills needed to select and make the best use of their advisers. Our executives have not only overseen many selection processes for advisers but also see many advisers 'in action' and understand how they operate. This helps us to make sure that:

  • The adviser screening and selection process runs smoothly and that the most suitable adviser is appointed
  • Trustees receive proper advice, as and when required
  • Trustees get maximum benefit from advice
  • Costs are controlled sensibly
  • Benchmarking against best practice in governance occurs
  • Risk is managed