Our Approach

We collaborate in a highly effective, professional, and constructive manner which facilitates decision making and enables the best possible financial outcome for all parties involved.

Proactive & Constructive

Our approach is pro-active and constructive, but not confrontational. We are part of the trustee team, not advisers. We prefer to make our influence felt by discussion and persuasion. Our objectivity, experience and independence mean that we can contribute a great deal to trustee discussions, helping to make better quality decisions.

Positive Relationships

We understand it is essential to create strong working relationships, so we do our best to select the most appropriate individual for each scheme's particular circumstances. On appointing BESTrustees, our clients are assigned a named individual who is responsible for all aspects of the scheme. Our system of peer review and alternates provides for cover in the event of emergencies when the primary contact may be unavailable.

High Professional Standards

We recognise the duty of trustees is to establish that, where the scheme's activities have been delegated, they are being carried out properly. Therefore, on our appointment to a new scheme, we review the scheme's documents and familiarise ourselves with its procedures and operations by talking directly to those involved in the day-to-day running of the scheme. This allows us to use the experience we have gained with other schemes to suggest any changes which will either improve the existing operations or make them more cost-effective and efficient.

This process also means that we can assure ourselves that all duties are being performed in accordance with legal obligations while, at the same time, meeting members' expectations. It gives us the opportunity to become well-acquainted with the scheme, its administration and advisers.