New dawn at BESTrustees

BESTrustees, the well-respected professional trustee company, has been converted into an Employee Ownership Trust.  This is a form of inclusive employment which enjoys cross-party political support.  A growing number of companies is adopting this model in order to meet the needs of employees and customers alike. 

Alan Pickering, Chairman of BESTrustees, said:

“This is an exciting development in the evolution of our firm.  Since BESTrustees was created, shares in the business were owned by a number of current and former employees.  From now on, all of the business will be owned by all of the employees.  This inclusiveness will cover client facing staff and the dedicated band of head office colleagues who make such a large contribution to the success of our firm. 

We already have a participative model.  The Board meets with employees at least once a quarter.  Each Director is responsible for mentoring a group of client facing colleagues.  The EOT will take us to the next level of inclusiveness.  Through the establishment of an Employee Forum we will create a two-way channel of communication between the Board and its employees.  Building on our already collegiate working style, we will be able to secure a much higher level of dynamic interaction between the Board and our employees.  This will be to the advantage of clients and employees alike.  The former will continue to benefit from the shared experience of every member of our team while each of these colleagues will be able to share equitably in the rewards that legitimately flow from a client base which is benefiting from leading edge governance of work placed pension savings.”