BESTrustees celebrates its 25 years' anniversary

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On 22 February, BESTrustees celebrated the 25th anniversary of the firm’s foundation.  Current Directors and staff were joined by more than 200 specially invited guests at a convivial function held in the impressive surroundings of The Vintners Hall.  The firm was created in 1992 by Charles Woodward and Clive Gilchrist.  Alan Pickering, Chairman of BESTrustees said:

"I knew both Clive and Charles long before they created our firm.  I respected them greatly but was somewhat sceptical of their new venture.  As a great believer in the merits of trustee diversity, I was worried that the introduction of professional trustees would staunch such diversity."

"Nothing could have been further from the truth.  Not only is BESTrustees the embodiment of diversity at both Board and staff level, the firm forms part of a rich tapestry of diverse trustee arrangements.  Those clients who choose to use professional trustees have more choice than ever before.  We act as sole trustees, joint trustees with other firms and serve on Boards of lay people whose self-confidence we seek to underpin rather than undermine.  We are proud of the prefix ‘professional’ and will do everything we can to ensure that those who put their trust in the sector are not let down. "

"Being a professional trustee is a wonderful occupation.  I hope that those who join our trustee line-up will have many more landmarks to celebrate in the future.  If so, Charles Woodward and Clive Gilchrist will have even greater reason for their pride in being so far sighted in 1992."




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